What is it like working at SouthCoast?

We are a company founded on innovation and an entrepreneurial spirit that shows in our day-to-day as we all work together to achieve the best results for our investors and tenants. Our tight-knit team thrives on open communication and personal responsibility. We treat each other with respect and take pride in maintaining a culture of family.

Our Values

Commitment to service

We hold our investors' and tenants' best interests above all else and go above and beyond to make sure expectations are exceeded.

Integrity and professionalism

Our team members are trustworthy and reliable and are committed to doing the job right. If we make a mistake, we always claim responsibility and fix it.

Communication and teamwork

We thrive because we promote mutual respect which manifests in a culture of transparency and open communication.

Creativity and innovation

We take calculated risks but embrace passion and creativity among all of our team members.

The best idea wins. Period.

The high value we place on every team member manifests in a flat hierarchy. We are not interested in catering to the highest paid person's opinion. We each have a duty to generate new ideas, and respectfully challenge existing ones--regardless of job title.