Why sell to SouthCoast?

Our experienced acquisitions team and market knowledge allow us to be extremely efficient on the buy side with short closing periods and uncomplicated financial terms. Once we own a property, we take a hands-on approach consisting of open communication, frequent site visits, and a dedication to continuing the work you have put into growing and managing your center.

What makes a SouthCoast property?

When it comes to acquiring new properties, we are not looking for just any unanchored neighborhood center. Our specific criteria helps us ensure we can manage the center well and help both our tenants and investors succeed. Centers that meet our acquisition criteria generally have the following characteristics:

  • 10,000sf-35,000sf
  • Excellent access, visibility, and traffic patterns
  • Located in a dense retail corridor or thriving residential neighborhood
  • Post-2005 construction or renovation
  • At or below-market rents in place
  • Solid growth markets, prefer large MSA’s
  • 4-14 tenants in place